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Jobs for new instructors?

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Nov 25, 2001
Is anyone hiring new flight instructors? I know several people who are working on their CFI-A. Are there any places where they are needed?
instructor jobs

Check out smaller airports/fields. Over the July 4th weekend, at my inlaws lakehouse, I went to inquire about aircraft rental. As soon as they found out I'm a flight instructor (fly at ASA but still stay current) they asked if I would be interested in teaching there even parttime. Of course, your choice of students maybe slim and you might have to wash planes, et cetera for money but it is all about connections. My first twin job (parttime while I instructed) flying a seneca IV for 3 investors was all started by a gentleman seeing me at the FBO in a shirt and tie. He came there looking for a parttime pilot and the fact that I appeared "cleancut" made him approach me(his words). From flying one day a week in the Seneca I made an enormous amount of connections! The point- get out there and be noticed!! I still love to hanger fly and I am always willing to walk in a resume' for someone. All the best and remember- every "no" brings you closer to a "yes"!! Wil

I don't know if they would relocate. Right now, I'm trying to help find areas where instructors are wanted.

Has ERAU resumed hiring for the fall? FSI? Pan Am? Other well known schools?

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