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May 12, 2002
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Hey I was curious if any of you knew of a corporate job out there for a guy with a lot of Jet training.

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Nov 25, 2001
what constitutes "A lot of jet training"? how much time in jets? 1,000 TT is a little low for most of the better corporate jobs, you might want to look into some Charter positions to further your experience level and make you more competitive in the Corporate Area... Plus it would give you great experience in Corporate equipment....


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Jun 25, 2002
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Hi there Skippy,

I tried to PM you but IE 5. Somethingoranother had other ideas.

So I’ll just answer you here.

We’re a large west coast based media company, mainstay of the motion picture industry.
Offices all over the world, Japan, Australia, Europe and scattered about North America as well.

I’ll hold off on the name until I get the green light from the boss, so as not to create a headache for personnel and save my arse a good flogging for jumping the gun a year or so in advance.

Once it’s a go I’ll post here personally and follow up on some other boards as well.

Company may be hiring as soon as Spring of 03 but most likely closer to 04, we won’t hire till we know what equipment is coming aboard and when, to facilitate the type and background of possible candidates. Example, if we go the BBJ route we’d be best served by snatching us a retiree from the grey hairs lounge at Southwest Airlines…

Right now we are pretty much in a personnel holding pattern, we have two contract guys who fill in for us when needed.

I have no published minimums for the up coming round of anticipated hiring’s but the last guys hired in 00 had around 4500 to 5000 TT with time in type, prior corporate exp. One guy came over from a large Fractional. The other (lady) came to us from the military. (I had no idea jarheads looked so good!)

I would imagine the floor would be 3500 to 4000 TT with 1000 jet. Four years of college and the usual background fluff.

We require a PIC type within 90 to 180 days of coming on the company property and you must qualify as PIC to fly with us for insurance purposes as well as some of the countries we fly into require two PIC typed pilots up front at all times.

Also some of our charter customers require two Captains aboard.