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Job Posting: Marathon Oil, 800XP Pilot in Houston


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Dec 5, 2002
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This looks like a pretty good job. You might need to be dual rated for this job, but I can't seem to get a clear answer on that. Good luck.


Requisition ID 00278
Job Position Pilot
Job Group Professional
Work Location Houston, Texas

MOC Aviation has an opening for a Houston pilot. The individual will fill a Hawker 800XP co-pilot or co-captain position initially. The individual will train to assume future contract aviation duties and responsibilities for the Aviation Division.

1. Pilots Company aircraft to transport personnel, equipment and supplies to various locations under day, night, and instrument conditions; and conducts flights in accordance with FAA, ICAO, and Company regulations. (Must be properly certificated and qualified according to governmental and Company regulations.)

2. Exercises extreme care and judgment while in flight, being alert to cope with irregularities and adverse weather conditions; determines appropriate courses of action to ensure safety of passengers and Company property; acquaints passengers with use of aircraft cabin equipment and emergency procedures; sees to their comfort while in aircraft; and assists them with baggage and surface transportation.

3. Studies weather information in advance of flights; determines advisability of the flight; utilizes information to select routings, altitudes, and intermediate stops for passenger comfort and safety; checks airport and airway data that may affect conduct of flights; and completes and files flight plans with FAA facilities.

4. Supervises loading of passengers, baggage and freight; determines that aircraft performance data and weight and balance are within certifiable limits.

5. Coordinates flight planning with operational and scheduling personnel to advise passengers of arrival and departure times and weather information and to resolve other passenger requirements.

6. Completes pre-flight inspection of aircraft; checks all consumables such as fuel, oil and anti-icing fluids to ascertain adequate quantities; ascertains that all normal and emergency supplies and equipment are placed on board; and determines that aircraft is airworthy and prepared for flight in accordance with FAA and Company regulations.

7. Ensures servicing, storing and proper care and protection of Company aircraft and equipment while away from home base; issues purchase orders and signs for fees and services contracted; conducts post-flight inspection of aircraft; and reports malfunction and operating data to the maintenance section.

8. Completes and files FAA records and reports; completes aircraft and flight reports; and maintains personal flight log and records.

9. Studies and maintains thorough knowledge of FAA regulations, airport landing areas, air traffic control procedures, communications frequencies and techniques. Maintains thorough knowledge of aircraft flight operations and systems manuals. Studies and familiarizes self with available information on current developments, techniques, and procedures in the aviation industry.

10. Will train to assume future contract aviation duties and responsibilities, including; advising project managers on suitable aircraft and helicopter operations to support company projects, performing safety audits of utilized contractors, maintaining industry, regulatory, and company aviation related contacts, and arranging for charter aircraft when required.

1. Degree: Bachelors Preferred
2. Major: Any field
3. Certifications: Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (Multi-engine) HS-125 Type Rating preferred. Valid FAA First Class Physical, and satisfactorily complete a Marathon Oil Company pilot physical.
4. Computer Proficiencies: Should be proficient in basic computer applications, including: Word, Excel, and using internet sources.
5. Work Experience: Min 1,500 hrs flight exp & at least 500 hrs in multi-engine aircraft (Jet exp preferred). Intl exp or completed intl initial training preferred. Min 1,000 hrs helicopter exp required. Management exp in helicopter flight operations preferred.


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Nov 16, 2002
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You have to be dual rated, but not to fly. Although not required, the optimum candidate would have an advanced degree, safety experience and managerial experience. Also, it is really a co-captain position with extensive PIC and international experience preferred but not required. Hope this helps.

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