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Job Placement Services...worth it???

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Oct 15, 2005
Any advice on whether or not a placement service is worth the $$$. I have been looking a while now for a job and haven't found one. Just trying to look at options in the future. Companies like Turner Group Services and other similar ones claim to have a good track record for pilot job placement.
Thanks for the input.
I've paid for two different services over the last two and half years didn't get a single job from any of them. I must have sent off 300 resumes with a few returns and no job offers. The jobs that I did get was through networking on my own. Believe it or not, I just got my dream corporate position with a Fortune 50 company flying medium & heavy jets with excellent pay and unbelieveable bennies. That job I found on monster.com. I've found these services to be more entertaining then anything else. Save your money and spend it on gas networking at the bigger FBOs.
Never pay money to any of these so-called services. The real headhunters will collect their "finders fee" from the employer that hires you.
Turner GrouP Services

If u use any of these head hunters. Pay them with mony orders only. NO checks, or cc. TGS reaped of $1300 about 10 yrs ago.
You are better off just using the job websites, the placement companies get the same information from them and try to pawn there services. Be carefull of JSFirm and Silverhawk of LNK.


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