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Job on AVcrew

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My Glock is bigger!!!!!
Nov 25, 2001
Just thought I would post that there is a job on Avcrew.com in Midland TX. Don't need real high time either. Hope this helps someone get a job. Good Luck.:cool:
I've never been there but I would have to believe it's a job an it's better than buzzing around in a 152 with a student.
I read it about an hour ago. It's as a co-pilot on a Sabreliner and doesn't sppear to be a bad job other than two factors. The starting pay and living in the Midland/Odessa area. I'm just not a fan of the west TX scene. Anyway, I hope this doesn't sway anyone, good luck to the applicants.
sorry, but if i had 1500/500 and 250 turbine id be looking for bigger and better. however, sounds like a great job for anyone locally.
Just got off the phone with a friend of mine that applied for this job. He said that there's a 2 year training contract worth 12K that's required. Other than that, though - he thought everyone was very cool.

Checkout what Sabre FOs make in the Corp. world. Its alot better than what these people are advertising. Especially with how that add implies an unlimited amount of duties at the Chiefs will. There should be an extra $10,000 a year in there, easy.

And a two year training contract had better produce a type.

Just my .02
Take Care

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