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Job offer to start date?

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Jester's Dead!!
Feb 22, 2002
Question is to those of you recently hired by EJ. How long is it running from job offer to start date for training? Just curious.
Hey I.P.

Just finishing INDOC here in CMH this Friday and am near the bottom of the senority list for another week or so. (1600+) Here are my stats....

Mailed Resume for App Mid September 2001
Received App Early October (Sat on it for couple of weeks)
Mailed App November 1, 2001
Called November 12, 2001 for late January 2002 Interview
Interviewed Jan 24-25, 2002
Hire Date 4-15-2002
Sim Early May Falcon 2000

Told to expect 225 plus more newhires in 2002 plus continuous growth in 2003 and 2004! Great company - class act! If you have any contacts at EJA, have them rally for you with the pilot recruitment folks.....Sounds like RECS are becoming more of the standard right now. Just my observation - best of luck! HF

Job offer end of November 2001. I was offerred several class dates, I took the earliest one on Jan 21st. Could have waited one to two months to get a different airplane if I wanted.
I concur with Highflyers timeline. In fact my dates are almost identical to his with a 2-3 week offset. My interview was Feb 5 and I start next week. the Hawker 1000 ! (YES!!) I'm pretty excited about it. The initial job offer call came the wed. following the interview. Took me about 3.7 nanoseconds to accept it. They offered a variety of planes and dates, I took the very first earliest I could get on board date I could which happened to be the Citation Ultra and a 5/6 start date. Linda called me yesterday and asked me if I wanted to start a couple days earlier in the Hawker 1000. Again it took me maybe 4 nanoseconds this time to say YES!

Watching this board and talking to others I fully realize how incredibly fortunate I am. Very excited about coming on board with EJA.


Welcome aboard.

Remember to get the bigger pants, your about to gain 10lbs more with all the food.


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