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Job leads for low-timer on Oahu, Hawaii?

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Dec 8, 2004
Hello all. Like the title says, does anybody have any leads for a low-timer job in Hawaii? It seems like all of the flight schools are packed with instructors and not hiring at the moment, so if anybody knows somebody or someplace that even might be thinking of hiring, it'd be greatly appreciated!
Pacific Wings is probably hiring, heard they had a few guys quit last week. SIC time in a 206 and you spend most of the day throwing bags, but it is an option.
How about Dillingham? Lots of jump planes and glider towing.Activity is high when I hike or bike in that area.
All the places up at Dillingham are full too. One of the skydiving businesses there wants 3,000 TT. Does anybody have any hookups they'd like to share?
Pacific Wings was advertising for Pilots a month or so ago. They were looking for C208 PIC and SiC's. Requirements for SIC's were 400-1000 hours TT.

It didn't pay much at all, but what entry level jobs do?

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