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Job Fair in D.C.

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Jul 27, 2002
Is anybody going to the Air inc. job fair in D.C. Is it worth it? can someone who has been to past Air Inc. job fairs post some info on how to get the most out of it. thank you
I went to the one in LAX last April. I thought it was pretty good. I learned a lot in their workshops that they hold especially the CRM and interview one. You get to network with a lot of the airlines that are currently hiring or have plans to hire. And make sure you keep those contacts. Send them a postcard every now and then. In terms of getting a job at one of these fairs with my meager 1400 hours, forget it. But you do get to learn a lot in their workshops and meet lots of people looking for work that range from Civilian CFI's to F-16 pilots. As far as if its worth it I don't know it all depends on what your expectations are.
Search???? I'm lazy. When and where is the fair? Do you have to be a member of Airinc? The important thing....is Airwis going to be there? Thanks!!!!
No you don't have to be a member of AIR inc to be there. You just have to pay them somewhere around $200 +/- it varies on how many weeks in advance you register for the seminar. I think the fair Yankee was talking about is in Washington D.C. around the 18-20th of Oct. But I'm not sure where in D.C. As far as Air Wis attending I don't know. But Alaska and surprisingly American Eagle (I don't know why) are always there. They probably have more info on their website.

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