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Job as commander B744

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Dec 7, 2005

I am a KLM captain on the B744 about to retire at age 56. Have quite an experience and I am looking for a job. As I had 4x bypasses a lonf time ago, I was not admited at SIA and CAL, KAL. That because of their high medical requirements. I do have a JAA class I medical and still fly as commander B744 at KLM. I would love to keep on flying after KLM. Anybody has an idea where I could apply? Polar is looking as far as I know, Air Atlanta as well. I have send quite a lot of resumes without any result so far...

I would apreciate any help, address, or e-mail where I could apply.
I do thank you all in advance for any idea or help.

Lion 2850
Polar and Atlas are not hiring at this time, they may resume early next year but with the merger being worked out no one is sure.

98% of the new hires have internal recommendations(from what I have seen). If you know someone I would try to contact them so you are ready when they do start to hire. All new hires go into the F/O seat, right now all S/O's are PFE's. Equal split between the 400 and the classics for the new guys, where ever they are needed.

You would have to have an FAA class 1 med and have US certificates including the right to work in the US. I am not sure exactly what a foreign national needs to be hired as far as passports and green cards and stuff. Check the website for that info.
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Try www.hawaiianaviation.com , thay are contract for Nippon Cargo, JAL and others. They might be able to help...you seem to be qualified, and they are looking for people qual'd on the 74 to be direct entry Capt's.
if he couldn't get on with SIA, CAL, KAL because of his past medical, I don't think he'd get on with NCA or any other Js.......
There are also a number of startups that you might apply with that you could possibly go directly to the left seat. Focus and Cargo 360 come to mind. I can only tell you that they are startups with all that implies.

Air Atlanta might be your best bet. If you are located in Europe this would be a benefit. Additionally the mandatory retirement age is 65. I know of one Captain who retired in the states and now works as a Captain for Air Atlanta. Again you might be able to go directly to the left seat. You might want to check the pprune boards for more info.

Good Luck To Us All!
Commander 744..............hmmm........Nope! Don't think I've flown with one of them.

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