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Jewish Teen Causes Bomb Scare out of LGA - CHQ Diverts

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Amish RakeFight

Registered Loser
Dec 28, 2005

January 21, 2010, 9:54 am
Jewish Youth’s Prayer Straps Cited in Flight’s Diversion

By ANDY NEWMANMatt Rourke/Associated Press US Airways Flight 3079 on the ground at Philadelphia International Airport.

Updated, 10:58 a.m. | The CBS television affiliate in Philadelphia is reporting that a 17-year-old Jewish teenager tying on tefillin, the leather strap-and-box prayer apparatus, was the reason the crew of Flight 3079 became alarmed. “Philadelphia police say a female flight attendant had never seen tefillin before,” the station reported.

Updated, 10:53 a.m. | A US Airways flight from La Guardia Airport to Louisville was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Philadelphia this morning because of what the authorities called a “disruptive passenger.” Nothing suspicious was found on the jet, and none of the 15 passengers or three crew members were injured, officials with the airline and the Transportation Security Administration said.

The official said the passenger had “religious beads” but would not elaborate other than to say, “It’s turned out to be a nonthreat.”

The plane, Flight 3079, an Embraer regional ERJ-145 operated by Chautauqua Airlines, took off from La Guardia at 7:50 a.m, twenty minutes after its scheduled departure. At 8:30, officials said, the pilot notified the authorities of the disruptive passenger. The plane landed at Philadelphia International Airport at 8:50. The crew and passengers deplaned and were in the terminal by 9:40 a.m., officials said.

Officials from the airline and the security administration deferred to each other on further details.

Morgan Durrant, a spokesman for the airline, referred questions about the episode to the security administration. Ann Davis, a spokeswoman for the agency, said, “We’re always going to be responsive to an airline if they indicate they want to divert due to a suspicious passenger, but in terms of how that decision was arrived at in the moment, the airline needs to speak to that.”
Sounds like more divesity training is needed so as to not freak out people.. Granted, those folks big into public display of their religious beliefs should be smart enough to not perform such activities on board aircraft.. so the training should be taught in the church as well..
...so the training should be taught in the church as well...

Well said.

...divert due to a suspicious passenger...the airline needs to speak to that.

It may have been an over reaction, but can you be to safe these days? But doesn't the TSA overreact to everything?
I say it was an honest mistake on her part in era when people want to blow our airliners out of the sky.
I dont know which is more disturbing, the story or only 15 passengers on an ERJ from New York to Louville.
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Ive said it before. You can't yell jump to somebody on a ledge, you cant say bomb around security, you cant yell fire in a crowded theatre. We decided long ago that freedom of speach does not trump public safety.

You shouldn't yell "allah akbar" on an airplane.

Maybe it isnt a good idea to break out your dradle on an aircraft in flight either

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