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Jets for Jobs Program

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Jun 4, 2002
Anyone know what the program actually proposes?

Does anyone know what the plan involves for Usairways express carriers?

How long does it typically take an express carrier to transition to a jet fleet? Are they looking to increase routes or just do away with all the turbo-props.
U wants to replace most props with Rj's at the WO's. ML pilots will not give up scope relief unless they get what they want... U mgmt has really no choice but to go along.... This brings us to J4J. As of today J4J would require any participating carrier (and that is anybody in the us) to give up any job protections and allow half of all rj positions to be filled by ML pilots or no deal. This does not end, ever! any furloughed or soon to be furloughed ML pilot WILL have super seniority over any participating pilot. And also will be paid capt. rates in both seats while the participating pilots will not. This is just initially, if next year ML furloughs more pilots (which is likely) 100 percent of those pilots would replace the now non furlough protected participating pilots. the participating pilots would be on the street to make room for the super seniority furloughed ML pilots. This is why ALG will not sign J4J. example: at ALG we have 46 Dashes if everyone was replaced with an RJ we would have to furlough 200 additional pilots and downgrade 100 more. (out of 400 pilots) and remember if ML cuts more loose 100% of what' left of ALG pilots would be displaced.

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