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Jetlinx Aviation

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New member
Oct 7, 2005
Is anyone farmiliar with Jetlinx Aviation? Company is based in Omaha, NE and operates two citation out of Topeka, KS.

Thank you for the help
Heard that they require you to sign the obligatory "employment agreement" and have heard (unconfirmed source) that a "no-compete" agreement clause exists in the contract. Not sure if that is true or not but have heard it a couple times around the local FBO coffee pot. Take it for what its worth. Good luck with them and just out of curiosity what do they have for Citations? Last I knew it was just Diamond Jets, Beech Jets (tomatoe, tomato) and Hawker 800XP's.

The posting on climbto350 was for a citation 525 captain and an fo for a citation VII.

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