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Jetflyer 8-4-2005

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Jun 28, 2005
The Jetflyer is my personal email list of mainly FedEx pilots. I do have friends from UPS and Polar on it as well.

This is tonight's email:
Tonight’s Jet flyer is on the eve of the biggest bid in the history of Fed Ex.

With this occasion I would like to personally recommend the MD-11. Bid what you want to fly. Look at the bid packs. Notice the fleet plan published on pilot.fedex.com. Use your imagination to project what this operation will look like in 12 months.

Those of you who know me, know that I have been in the MD-11 Captain’s course. Well, today, I left the building. I start IOE on Sunday.

I heard some horror stories about the MD11 training program before I started. I found NONE of the stories true.

Systems were taught in first class facilities with the best presentation equipment. Instruction was the best I have ever experienced in the 28 years since I received my ATP. I was well prepared for my oral. The Basic simulators (BST) and the Aircraft Simulators (AST) were the highest fidelity. Every instructor was professional and dedicated to helping me. Their passion for teaching was obvious. The syllabus was adhered to and there were no surprises. There were only a couple of minor conflicts in techniques, but there was none of this “check ride a day” attitude that I had heard about.

Keep in mind the training is not a cake walk. The month prior to class starting, they let you “start your (learning) engines” with access to the CMI.

Day 1 of class is where you need to apply MAXIMUM CONTINUOUS THRUST with your learning techniques and expect to keep up your MCT of learning for 3 months. I have previously reported several days where I spent 14 hours in the learning mode; reading, classes, and computer training.

Before you start class, get your affairs in order so all you need to worry about is getting the education.

After all that, I have now have my ticket to learn on my own.

I had heard some rumors that were NOT true. Joe Fagone does NOT make $ 400 grand a year from trip pay loss. He makes whatever a wide body Captain makes with his seniority. He bids around his ALPA duties. Thanks Joe.

And thanks to the Negotiating Committee. I admire your dedication and persistence.

The other rumor that is false is that John Hunt is negotiating against us. The fact is John is not a negotiator. He will be the facilitator of the contract when it gets completed. What he is thinking is he will be attempting to head off any conflicts in the future before they go to the grievance procedure. He is at the table to learn the intent of the negotiators.

In my opinion, if there was a picture next to the word integrity in the dictionary, it would be John’s.

Happy bidding. See you on the line.

[email protected]

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