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Well-known member
Jan 18, 2005
Looking for any current information about this outfit.
I run into Jet Direct guys all the time. All of the guys I know are really great, but they do fly quite a bit. They have a king air 200, a couple cjs, and lear 35's and maybe a 31. The guy you want to talk to is Dan, not sure of his last name, great guy, he flys a cj. Go to the FBO and talk to Betsy, she is always willing to help anyone out. Last week, I was in EWB, and was talking to a guy who just got hired there, he was flying a metro liner. And I know they are still hiring, not sure on their mins. If want me to get some more infor on how to get in pm me, I fly a part 91 king air there and have trip this thursday, I would be happy to ask Dan for you on how to apply or what you need to do.Good luck
“JetDirect LLC has been formed to merge New York regional charter/management company Summit Jet and its affiliated Summit Aviation of Berwyn, Pa., with JetDirect’s charter/management, maintenance service and FBO based at Chester County Airport near Philadelphia.”

This is from AIN yesterday (8/23) - I have heard that this combination will start offering new products such as Jet Cards.

The airplane I fly is on their cert. Dan is not the person to talk to as he is just a CJ copilot. Rod Peet is the DO. talk to him.
They are looking for pilots.
The venture capital guys that own JetDirect just bought Summit of FRG but don't expect any of the bigger iron to move to 40N. At least not yet.
PM me for more info

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