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JetBlue's thank you letter

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F15 Ret/FDX/InterviewPrep
Nov 25, 2001
Thought folks might enjoy knowing Lanny McAndrew sent me a VERY nice letter at home today thanking me for all I've done to support JetBlue as a pilot, and that although we only meet "passing in the halls" these days he appreciates all the support I've given JetBlue as well as all the support from my family.

I've gotta say I was quite touched--it was a very nice gesture. Especially since I decided to go to a 14 Jan FedEx class instead of a 7 Jan JetBlue class. Unless he's walking the halls of the Memphis AOC or watching me preflight a 727 in the pouring rain at 0420, I don't think we've spent much "quality time" together. However...I started thinking about how much I've meant to old Lanny and I'm asking my JetBlue buddies to go let him know he owes me for all those training days as well as my time on the line in March! (I still haven't gotten ONE JetBlue paycheck...I'm sure its a complete oversight--Jeff G, Eagleflip....little help here?). For what its worth...at least the chief pilot is reaching out with a positive word to his pilots--that's got to be worth something.

For those of you wanting to join JetBlue...his letter mentioned 3 more classes of 24 each in the immediate future and a planned pilot force of 450 by year end. His words were "you're not too late". So--if you haven't applied I'd say you are making a mistake. If JB ain't your cup of tea, check the FedEx threads...there is some good news there, too.

Fly safe--Albie
Fox 2

Hey Albie,

Are you sure you don't fly for UPS because I think I see a little BROWN on your nose.

See ya down there in R-2901 when I get a chance.
Actually, Lanny sent the letter to Albie out of respect...

When Albie didn't show at Miami in January, the birds stopped singing, the grass stopped growing and a dark shadow moved across the face of the sun. The world as we knew it ended.

Most of us wept openly, tattooing the phrase "Albie can kick my butt in BFM" on our torsos. Lanny himself had to be talked out of throwing himself in front of a Florida senior's van on the way to the bingo parlor.

Seriously, Albie made the best decision for his family. I suppose jetBlue just wanted to make him feel a little more at home despite his choice....

Oh heck, it was a stinkin' mistake! Get over it, Albie! Go fly a night sortie! Haul some uncomplaining box to Hong Kong. By the way, I just got in from a JFK/OAK red eye, so you boys at FedEx don't seem to have a lock on that cool night air. In fact, I'm not sure that I remember how to fly during the daylight hours at this point.

And Albie, I can still whip your sorry behind in a scissors.
Jet Blue vs FEDEX

I've seen both your guys radar work, not good! Run away quickly Suite 4 is here.

I decided not to apply to FEDEX and I am holding out for Jet Blue. The thought of "flying the panel" for 2 years and having anything to do with Memphis convinced me. Besides, my FE written has expired and I don't want to take it for a third time.

I take it you guys aren't that convinced about Jet Blue in the long term. Which leads to another question, if you are hired by Jet Blue, do you continue to apply with say American or Delta when they start hiring again? Maybe you do if you are 25, but what if you are older....say 40?

On the contrary, I'm EXTREMELY convinced that jetBlue will be around for the long run. Proven leadership, a sound business plan and the general transition in the industry toward low-fare, well run carriers will benefit our company in the long run.

I'd run on at length about the company, but I can sum it up succinctly--I turned down another offer and plan on staying here for the long run. This place rocks!

Albie and I have spoken at length over our respective choices and are both content that we made the right decision. That doesn't mean that there aren't wistful thoughts, though. The path not taken is often compelling nonetheless.

BTW, Suite 4 don't scare me none, sherriff...Now, Suite 4 AND FDL combined scares me...a bunch! What a glut of information!
Reference my whimsical and thoughtful friend Eagleflip's comments...

I'm not at JetBlue because A) I wasn't done flying Eagles and commuting from FL panhandle to JFK was a huge time sink
B) I bought tech stocks in 2000.

I knew that I had as close to a "sure thing" with FedEx as there is in the industry (although there in NEVER a sure thing). I think JetBlue will do quite well. However...as I mentioned in part B...I've made bad economic decisions before. I went conservative vice aggressive on the career move--but who knows....maybe I was wrong--but I think I am really going to enjoy FedEx. In any case...I knew I wanted to fly international. FDX lets me do that sooner rather than later (or perhaps NEVER in the case of JB or SWA).

Anyway...back to Eagleflip's comments. I told him my old nightmare was working for JB and then being unemployed or bought out in 5 years watching all the FedEx trucks and drop boxes along my drive as I drove into base scrounging up Man-days in the ANG. Once I made the decision to go to FedEx, my new nightmare was jetblue opening an Orlando hub with 3 flights a day to Panama City and Ft Walton Beach! I hope we're all laughing years from now....properous and happy whichever choice we made.

Fly safe...

OK, Ok, I know it's not quite the international flying FedEx does, but jetBlue is starting Puerto Rico in May. I mean position reports are position reports, but it's gotta count for something.

Gutsy move Mav, commuting from the panhandle. Now I see why you went with FEDEX. My wife wants to move back to the panhandle, we lived there for 5 years when I was at Eglin and Tyndall. I not only told her no, but hell no. Impossible to commute from. I know a FEDEX dude that left the panhandle and moved to Mississippi, of all places, to make commuting easier.

Is Panama City, the garden city that it is, really worth the pain? Communting from there is even worse than Ft. Walton. Ok, one hope to Memphis, but what about when the puddle jumpers are fogged in, and non-rev is bumped off remaining flights?

I hope to get on with Jet Blue, so WHEN they start flying to the panhandle I'll be able to move back there, and maybe get laid again.
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