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JetBlue's app is online!

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I just spent the last several hours filling out the new app. However, after supplying ten yrs. of addresses and employers and education it dumped all the previous info but the first one listed in each category. Be careful! I guess I'll spend another few hours doing it all over. Anyone else have this problem?
Thought I was gonna' be first....

Great to see the jetBlue app online!! Remember, anyone who applied before has to reapply through this site.

It is a wee bit slow, but I didn't have any problems with it dumping out my information or anything.

Good luck to all!!!

To all interested here's what worked for me...

In between each added field, you'll wait a LONG time for the screen to update. To alleviate this, 1st figure out how many fields in each category you'll need, add them all in, then fill out the whole application (you can even do this offline after you've added the fields as long as you keep the page and your browser open).

Took me about an hour total with a 28.8 connection.

Good luck all!
Too Many Addresses


I had the same problem with dumping out my aircraft after about three employers. Then at my 5th address it wrote address boxes over the whole application. I ended up just putting in 4 addresses. I e-mailed them and they replied they would have their IT department look into it.

I just filled out the jetBlue online application. It only took me about 40 min (56k modem), and I can't type. What I did was print out a hard copy first. I filled in all the info and then just copied it to the app online.
Well, Itried it again and no luck. I had the same problem that typhoonpilot had. I have 7 employers, 12 addresses and 6 education fields tha I have to complete and I can't make it through the whole app without it going FUBAR on me. I have a dsl connection so I know that speed is not the issue. I emailed them again. We'll see what happens. So much for getting it in on the first day.

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