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jetBlue Questions


New member
Oct 7, 2005
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Hi all,

I believe I read somewhere that jetBlue required 3 letters from other pilots you have flown with. Are these letters still required when applying?

How effective is a blue dart in the hiring process? Does it have more impact than a referral from an employee?

Also, how senior is Long Beach as a base? How long might it take to be based there?

Many thanks for your help.


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Mar 12, 2003
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1. Letters not required when filling out the web application. Required if scheduled for an interview.

2. Blue Dart can only come from an employee awarded with the dart. i.e. knowing someone who gets it. Must meet the web listed mins. If successful in interviewing hiring chances are good. I know of applicants that have had a BD and not made it to Phase II.

3. Long beach quite senior, although earlier in the year FO's waited around three months to get in, usually from someone upgrading. Rsv times are lengthy.