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JetBlue question

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Well-known member
Feb 14, 2002
What do most of the trips at JB look like...i.e. how many days are they mostly, how long are the layovers, and where do you usually overnight? I have heard it is mostly 3 day trips with 15 hour or so layovers and usually overnight in Long Beach, FLL, or Dulles in hotels comparable to most majors...is that about right?
There is no simple answer to this because there is so much variety in our trips. Trips are from one to four days. Average daily productivity is just under 6 hours, while the trips to San Juan and a few others get into the 7:50 range. We have overnights at almost all of our stations, with a few exceptions. We also have a fair share of redeyes. The scheduling committee attempts to build a variety of trips that will meet everybody's needs. The rest is up to the individual and how they bid. Our preferential bidding system will give you what you want if you keep it reasonable based on your seniority. Guys who live in NY can bid high productivity single day trips. Commuters can bid a minimum of 3 or 4 days off between trips. If the software gives you something you don't like because you screwed up your bid, you can trip trade with other crewmembers, trip trade with open time, or PTO a trip. Bottom line is that most people are pretty happy with their schedules because they get what they ask for. (The trick is to be careful what you ask for, you might just get it! It can take a couple of tries with the software before you learn how to get what you REALLY want.)

Layovers are usually 12-24 hours, but can be shorter on a few trips. The company would like to provide 12 hours minimum, whenever possible.. A 4-leg trip of transcons may have 11, 24, then 12 hours of rest. The average is usually pretty good.

Hotel quality is high--Marriott, Hilton, etc. In some cases we may go with a more basic hotel to get other amenities, such as convenience or security. The only hotel people didn't like was recently changed to a better option. I think most people in the company like the hotels.
How does military leave work at JBlue? I heard a rumor that said they "don't have much of a mil leave policy." That sounds like an oversimplification at best, total B.S. at worst. Anybody have the straight scoop?

I am a new FO at Jetblue, and getting mil time off is not a problem at all. We have preferential bidding here, so it is pretty easy to request those days off. Additionally, I was asked to submit my drill weekends as far out as I knew them, so they know ahead of time. It hasn't been an issue at all in the 2 months I have been here. I don't think airlines have to have policys per se, doesn't the federal govt tell them how it is.

As for the trips- most of mine have been either 4 legs- two short (JFK-ROC) then two medium (JFK-MCO) That is a long day. You can also do the west coast flights, which are usually overnighters, except for Denver, which I think is a turn.

Another cool thing about JB is the inflight meal, which you can order over the radio with your 20 minute out call from one of the airpirt restaurants (Chilis), so you and the crew aren't stuck with blue chips for the day. My SWA friends say they don't have something like that, can somebody confirm that? I just don't believe they don't have something for the crews over the course of a long day.

Its all good.

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