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jetBlue PIC Question

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Well-known member
Feb 26, 2002
Just wondering if anyone knows if the PIC turbine requirement is defined as FAR Part 1 (captain signs for aircraft) or FAR Part 91 (PIC qualified and sole manipulator of the controls)? Thanks in advance for your help!
The PIC requirement for SWA is FAR Part 1.

The AC, First Pilot or IP if you are military ...

Signing for the AC if you are civilian ...

This was a HUGE roadblock for applicants who were flying during the last recession 1990-1994 in FAR121 OPS ... NO Upgrades ...


Quit and take your chances at another carrier or FAR-91 Corporate ...

You can just imagine how the many ways from Sunday the recruiters / interviewers could spin any decision a pilot might make to satisfy the requirement ...

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