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JetBlue Interview

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May 4, 2002
Hey Folks,

I got a call to interview with Jet Blue on 26 June. I really don't know what to expect, can anybody give me some tips? I'm A319/320/321 type rated with 500+ hours on type and 2000 on Airbus (1500 on A330's) in total. I started the process mid March online, updated online 20 April, got the call 22 April.

Thanks in advance.........

First Congratualtions! If you're interviewing, they want you. Second, do a search on this site for what you're interested in (this has been addressed and there is great gouge on this site for the interview process).
Third, go to the willflyforfood site. They may be a little dated, but still have good gouge.

One thing Dean is having problems with is the stop loss. The more you have available for them (in terms of your background check) the sooner you get to class. For example, I know one guy who has notarized copies of his training records from US Airways and walked into the interview with all of that ready. I think he brought in a notarized copy of his DD214 as well. He interviewed in Apr and is going to training in the May 6 class.

Best of luck. You'll enjoy the process.

If you still can't find what you need send me a message.
The First

You appear, to me that is, to be one of the first pilots called who applied with only the new application. Congrats!!

I see all of your Airbus time. It's great to have a type rating like that. I'm sure there are more than a few dudes and dudettes with an Airbus type rating who applied with JetBlue.

So now I'll look for the first non-airline pilot who applied under the new system.

Congrats again!!

I interviewed last year, and was unsuccesful due to my low PIC time compare to the rest of the applicants.

The interview process was very relax. Just be youself and have good stories include the 5 basic things that Jetblue is looking for in a pilot. You can go to their web page to find that information.

I interviewed in JAN 15 2001 and notified in April 14.

Be patient and good luck to you.

Dog -

Congrats on the call! Aviationinterviews.com has some good info for you. Need to register first.

I interviewed in April (their calling my references now) and had a really great time. Relax, be yourself and answer their questions with specific SAR responses.

You're going to be impressed with the quality of folks you meet that day. Do your research and bring your questions about the company to the "safe room" where you can ask Dave Barger, Al Spain or any of the other top dawgs in the company.

Enjoy and good luck!


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