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JetBlue Interview

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Active member
Dec 19, 2001
I scanned the bored for this question (may have missed it)..Has anyone talked about the interview process at JB? Im curious, if any of the fortunate few are willing to take the time and fill me in. I dont have an interview date, so no rush. Thanks in advance

The JetBlue Interview process is almost identical to Southwest (plenty of info on this one), including questions asked. At JetBlue you are interviewed by one personnel department representative and one pilot (separate interviews). Each interview lasted approximately 45 minutes to an hour, very professional people and all questions were "tell me a time" type stuff. Nothing technical at all, but plenty of scope for them to get to know you (and vice-versa!). They go out of their way to relax you as their goal is to "really meet you" and I think they are very good at this. I reiterate the actual interview itself is EXACTLY like Southwest but SWA use three separate interviews (all one-on-one also) instead of JetBlue's two. Good luck.

P.S. Thanks, chartepuke, the link is

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Try aviationinterview.com. They have info on jetBlue interview. Also try willfly4food website (not sure of the web address though). Good luck.
I interviewed July 01, so my gouge is dated. If anyone wants gouge that has a firm date just send me a pm and I'll pass it on. Lots of military bros (Eagleflip, Rueterf16, Zulua320, WeedsF18,EvilJimP) as well as some others have some recent gouge.

Good luck--it looks like a GREAT place to work. I'll be schlepping boxes on the back seat of a 727 for a few years....

Panel safe,

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