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jetBlue Commuters?

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Nov 29, 2001
I have been hired by jetBlue and have a first quarter 2002 class date. I have heard that approx. 80% of jetBlue's aircrew commute to JFK from out of state. I would really like to hear from some of you about how the commute is working out, especially if you live in the Mountain or Pacific time zones.



The only way to make your post more general than you did already is to say you plan on commuting out of the western hemisphere. We fly into ONT, LGB, SEA, OAK, DEN, SLC. If you're going to commute, I suggest making it out of one of these locales. Other wise, it all depends on the individual. I have a one-hop in the EST zone, and it's not been too bad.

When you get to class, you'll see a fair amount of stuff on Crashpads. I highly suggest one.

Let me know how else I can help.


Thanks for the reply. I apologize for being so general, but we are considering several places to live; Phoenix, San Diego, Colorado Springs. In light of 9/11, are JB aircrew having a difficult time jumpseating on other carriers like UAL, AAL, Delta?


Sorry, didn't mean to sound like a know-it-all. Like I say, I'd suggest living in a locale that we go into. I don't think you'll see Phoenix for a while, unless America West tango Uniform. The others are all a crap shoot. I commute on Delta, and I've had very little trouble. Make no mistake, commuting is a major pain. But, it is somewhat back to normal, kind of... Just make sure you call ahead to check pax loads. Take care. Let me know how else I can help.

Jay Dub

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