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Hugh Jorgan

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Due to a super-slow connection, I was forced to submit my application with incomplete employment and residence history. My app was accepted, but I have not been able to find the "UPDATE" option for the application. Am I missing something, or is that feature not yet available?
Sorry, but I don't know the answer to your question. I do know it was supposed to offer an update function. Keep checking, maybe they got it online without the update feature to at least get the info in. I'm sure they will have an update feature in the future if they don't now.

Evil Jim
Hey Hugh. I had the same problem. I must have tried it 10 times. There is no update function. Let me know if you hear anything.
No update either

I have the same problem. No update and incomplete address info. Many tries and scouring the *entire* website have gotten me no further.

Military Guys --

It says they want us to multiply our time by 1.3! Any explanation? SWA wants us to add .3 per sortie and FedEx allows a .2 per sortie, but to increase our time by 30% seems like speeding. I am not complaining, it adds about 300 hours to my SWA conversion and over 1000 hours to my Military Time.... I never knew I could have so many hours.

Good Luck to everyone and here's to hoping for a quick death to Stop Loss!
DUMB*SS of the week award

:mad: I definitely get the DUMB*SS of the week award! In my haste of getting my JetBlue app into the system in a hurry, I just used .3 per sortie instead of 1.3xhrs. I can't find a way to update my mistake. Does anyone have any gouge on how I can update before I pull my last two hairs out? Thanks again!
jetBlue updates

I was told by jetBlue that the update function is still about 2 week away for those that care.
A mistake?

I was going to apply with Jet Blue but noticed on the application that you need 1000 hrs in the past year. I called about that, and they said that it was a requirement! Too bad, I was really hoping to work for them.
1000 hours in the last year?


On their web page prior to the on line application it says:

* Must have flown at least 100 hours in the last 12 months*

I think it has to be a typo on the app. Although it would make their applicant pool very small.

Jet Blue App

The App even says that you need 100 hours in the last year. Again 100 hours not 1000 hours. Don't scare me like that again. There is only so much a US Air furlough guy can handle. I will see you all at Jet Blue.

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