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Jet Blue Seniority System

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2002
Can anyone give me details on the Jet Blue seniority system. I have heard it is not like other major airlines, rather they have rotating bids and rotating seniority so that everyone gets a fair chance.

The workforce seems pretty happy. Why don't other airlines adopt a similar system.

Also is there any airline in the US where they practice rostering of schedules?
Um, no. Strict seniority order for bidding and upgrade. If you're senior enough, you can do it, if not... then you can't. It's no different from other airlines in that regard.

We do have a preferential bidding system where you can tell the bidding software what kind of trips you want and days off you want, and it builds a schedule for you. But again, it goes in seniority order, since the most senior pilot's bid is run first, etc. This isn't unique to JetBlue either, but it does give you more control over your schedule than is typical for small carriers.
How does Jet Blue schedule their red-eye trips? What seems to be pretty common at other carriers is to leave the east coast around 6 pm on day one and fly to the coast, lay over for around 24 hours and then fly the red-eye back home the next night. If you happen to live in the layover city you can rack up a lot of home time.
Some of the redeyes are built that way, especially the cities that have only one round trip. For instance, JFK-SLC shows at around 7pm, lays over 24 hrs, and returns by 7am or so. SEA, ONT and the OAK redeye are similar. DEN is a single night turn with no layover since it blocks at under 8 hrs. LGB is done differently, probably due to the airport curfew messing with late flights. It leaves JFK at 7am, lays over in LGB for 12 hrs, and returns the same night to arrive at 7am or so. That's kinda brutal. It also gets dropped a lot for the reserves to fly. I wonder why? ;) Maybe with the 4th round trip starting up in May that trip will be rebuilt into something a little more friendly.

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