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Jet Blue Questions for employees

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
I've only been to the Jet Blue and that's about all the information that I have regarding Jet Blue. For those who work for the company, do you care to comment on why you think Jet Blue is the company to work for? (Benefits, company morale, etc.) Also, when do you think the company will go public on the stock exchange?

Thank You!

JetBlue is great. Period. From the top of management all the way down. You won't find the confrontational relationship between management and employees like most other carries. Instead it's everyone watching out for and helping everyone else to produce the best product in the industry. When was the last time you saw a CEO boarding flights or checking people in? We see it all the time. For the first time in my career, I enjoy going to work. I look forward to it. Partly because when I get there I see that everyone I'm working with has the same passion. It's not often that you walk down another carriers terminal, in uniform, and have passengers stop you and comment on how great JetBlue is. The benefits are great and the moral; well obviously everyone is very excited about the future. I have no idea when we will go public. We were planning the filing on 9/11 but delayed it for obvious reasons. Look for maybe next year sometime. Liquidable cash is not a problem so I don't think you'll see it in the near future. Good luck.
20,000#-17,230#=does it matter?

Dear JetBlue pilots:

Have you heard if and/or when JetBlue may drop the "20,000# max weight requirement" in order to interview? "I'm not worthy" because the "airliner" I command is a few hundred pounds shy of the minimum-- I am worthy, at least for an interview, though. Besides, it really hurts to think that size matters after all... Thanks!:rolleyes:
Sorry, but I doubt the weight requirement will be dropped in the near future. Obviously, there are lots and lots of apps coming in that greatly exceed those numbers. Don't think your not worthy. I'm not worthy either as my last job was years and years plowing through turbulence and weather in a TurboProp. I guess I got lucky and held my tonge just right. I wish I could tell you and anyone else how to get the job offer but I honestly don't have a clue why I was chosen. Good luck to you.

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