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Jet Blue Hiring Timeframe/LGB Domicile?

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Well-known member
Jan 16, 2002
Looking for general info - how long from first contact to interview, from interview to class date, etc...

Also, is the LGB pilot domicile truly in the works or just rumor/wishful thinking?


Looking at the aircraft flown and your desire to live in California I wonder if you worked at WestAir and if so when ? I think we work for the same place now also. Send me a pm if you want.


I was given about 2 weeks notice for interview about 6 weeks after application/meeting Dean at AIR Inc conference. Got the call with the offer 2 months after interview. Offered class 2 months later. The process has sped up considerbly, since the skipped a class and an interview session. Some guys that interviewed in Dec had their background checks expedited and made the Feb class.

The next interviews are in April and will be called out of the new database. I think they plan to interview every other month after that.

As for LGB, we have 27 slots allotted for our use. Is that enough to warrant a domicile? I don't know. I do know that their is a lot of talk and rumors about it. My personal opinion is late this year it might become a small domicile. I have heard mention that FLL/WPI might also be a joint domicile sometime in the future.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

Evil Jim
Don't have a lot to add to Evil's post, but here's my stats:

- Air Inc Conference July 2001 met jetBlue folks
- Immediately upon returning in July 2001, applied on-line
- Updated application Dec 2001
- Called in Jan 2002
- Interviewed Feb 12 2002
- Heard awesome news Feb 14 2002
- Extensive 6wk Background check commenced Feb 14 2002
- Still awaiting completion, targeted for Mar 30 2002 for an final answer first week of Apr 2002.

Tremendous company, either way. Even better set of crewmembers. Take a jetBlue flight if you can (they're cheap!) and you'll discover what I mean. Relax if you experience some gremlins on the website, but get your app in on-line soon for next set of interviews (April). Kind of a cliche, but don't stress the small stuff at the interview with this company. They don't care. They do care what kind of person and what kind of values you hold near and dear. Read the website and its culture link for more about this.

My stats:
-Military background, civilian wannabe
-All jetblue mins/certificates on the website met or exceeded
-3000TT, all turbine, half C-141B, half T-34C
-2400Turbine PIC
Availability July 2002 (?) stoploss may be a player for me since I'm AF, but hoping it won't ?!

Inquire more or send a PM, either way, if you need further info. Perhaps, Evil, and other great dudes already in jetBlue would be better. I've learned tons about the company from all their help. I'm just speaking from the interview perspective and from what I know about the company on the outside looking in. Hopefully, I'll find out early next month if I, too, can join the party and spend an entire career with them.\
El Guapo
jet blue questions

I just filled out the application a couple days ago but had some problems with web site. Does anyone know how to go back and update?

there is a post from yesterday about updates. Seems there are quite a few with the same problem.
I was on the same timeline as Evil Jim. Met with Dean and Mike Barger at the Jul '01 AirInc Conf in ATL. I had put in the app about two weeks prior to that. Got the call in August and interviewed 9/5. Got the thumbs-up call from Dean in late November. Unfortunately, had to put off class date until May when I can get out of Nav.
Anxiously awaiting May 6th!

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