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Jet America Suspends Operations

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Grandpa +65

Well-known member
Mar 1, 2006
It's official: JetAmerica suspends operations
2d 22h ago from USA TODAY

JetAmerica officially will not get off the ground in August. The airline announced in a press release this afternoon that it is "suspending sales to all markets and that it would immediately begin to notify affected customers and process refunds to all customers who have booked on the public charter flights." A spokesman for the company says JetAmerica would refund more than $900,000 in ticket reservations for flights since Aug. 14, which was JetAmerica's latest project launch date.
The Associated Press picks up the story, saying the "fledgling discount airline that garnered attention with $9 promotional fares, has folded without ever getting off the ground. ... Service was originally supposed to begin July 13 to underserved markets in Toledo, Ohio; South Bend, Ind.; Melbourne, Fla.; and Lansing, Mich. Flights were also scheduled to larger airports in Minneapolis and Newark, N.J."
The delay is not the first for JetAmerica. The carrier said on July 2 that would postpone its launch, a move that came just 11 days before the airline was to fly its first flight from Toledo to Newark. JetAmerica blamed the delay on unexpected delays in securing landing slots at Newark Liberty International Airport.
The airline said in today's press release that those problems also were the driving force behind today's decision to ground the carrier. "We are reluctantly suspending our public charter operations effective today," CEO John Weikle says in the release. Weikle also was one of the founders of now-defunct Skybus, an ultra-low-cost carrier that folded just several months after launching.
"Finalizing the slots required to support our charter program at Newark has taken longer than expected and we have decided to suspend our flights in order to refocus on different markets. We still strongly believe that there is an unmet need for affordable air service to secondary markets and we look forward to offering this option again in the near future," Weikle says in the release.
Bryan Glazer, a spokesman for JetAmerica, says: "This was unavoidable. I worked closely with the executives of JetAmerica for several months and know they did their very best to overcome the challenges that the slot situation posed. But in the end, the business plan never called for paying for more than a half million dollars for slots."
Still, Glazer suggested the JetAmerica team could make another attempt at launching a low-cost carrier. "Don't be surprised if JetAmerica comes back with new routes and new destinations," he says. Stay tuned ...
-- Ben Mutzabaugh
Maybe after screwing up two airlines Weikle needs go flip burgers or something
suspended operations before they even started operations?

Can you do that? Is that even possible? I mean, how do you stop doing something if you weren't really doing it to begin with?

Yeah, but can he still declare bankruptcy?

That's where the real money is at.

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