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Jeppeson approach gouge?

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Hugh Jorgan

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Can someone point me in the right direction to find a legend for Jepps approaches? Any of the approach procedures downloadable without paying through the nose? Just wanna get prepared to read one at an interview. Being a military guy, I'm a little challenged in that area....haven't flown a jepps approach in a few years... thanks
If you are using the Jepp quick packs, then there is a legend for everything, including enroute charts, in each one towards the front of the pack.
If you don't have a Jep express pack, you can order on on-line from several companies from about $18 to $28 depending on the area coverage you want. I got one for the area I normally fly in and was able to compare it to the DOD/NOS charts where there was overlap.

Eventually, I pulled the intro section out and put it in it's own jacket to use as a study reference. A couple of hours with the intro and you'll be up to speed.

You can also download a series of articles that originally appeared in AOPA magazine on Jepp products from the Jeppesen website. Each one is a couple of pages long, and you get them in PDF format. Good gouge there.


Good luck, there isn't that much practical difference from what you're used to. A little more info and the icons and format are different.

Just make sure you know some of the minutia such as - how is the highest obstacle on an approach plate indicated, how do you tell the diff between a manmade and natural obstacle, how are one way routes depicted on charts and how can you tell what hours they are in effect, how are MEAs, MOCAs, MRAs, etc. depicted.
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Approach Char Legend

Hugh Jorgan,

I downloaded a .pdf file with the new Instrument Approach Procedures format from the Jeppesen website. The URL is:


That got me ready to brief an approach at an interview. After using DoD IAPs for 20 years, it was a big difference and I wanted to be well prepared. I finally bought the Jeppesen Supplement Sim Training book from AIR, Inc. It has an explanation and symbology of the high/low altitude charts, Instrument Approach Procedures and other stuff civilian pilots are used to using. I think military pilots should use this stuff as well. I paid about $40 for it. Yep, you still pay through the nose. Best wishes.

Good gouge from SentryIP on the handbook, I had that too but forgot to add in the URL.

This is in no way intended to criticize Kit Darby or AirInc, but I looked at a buddy's copy of the AirInc Jepp guide, and it essentially contains the intro section from a Jepp express pack. You may find it more convenient to order from AirInc however, and I remember that there may have been a little more info. They also have some good sales going right now. Finally, the 20$ diff in cost will be in the noise when you are finished footing the entire bill for your transition.

Good luck and get out that checkbook!
AOPA and Jepps


AOPA runs an in depth article on the Jepps plates written by a V.P. from Jeppesen. The cover every segment of the pates, enroute charts (high and low), SIDS, DP's and all the varity of approaches. If you are a member call them and they will send you all the articles in a nice little book. It will be all the info and then some. Also if you are not a member, go to the Jepps website and download each article......however have a lot of time on your hands because it takes a while.

Good Luck!
Agree with all of the above.For a real low bux method,get ahold of some "Professional Pilot" mags (prolly laying around yer local FBO) and read "Terminal Checklist".You might also try Capt. Wally Roberts site,TERPS.com.He doesn't update it any more,but it has good info.
Once you use Jepps for a while you will wonder how you ever left home without them. Especially when you are going into a tight mountain area, or unfamiliar airport. The best part is that they really address more the legalities of 121/135 then any NOS chart. I still carry NOS chart in my flight case as backup in case someone looses or misplaces a Jepp chart in the aircraft flight bag. Otherwise you'll enjoy them once you get used to them.

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