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Jeppesen or Martha?

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Well-known member
Jan 7, 2002
Does anybody have any comments about Jeppesen or about the Kings? I know Martha isn't too much to look at (so I hear, I've never actually watched those videos). On a more serious note, does anybody know which one is better for training purposes? Which tapes/dvds are more interesting, etc...

Thanks a lot!
Just my opinion but I would take Jeppesen over King any day! Either one will be fine and the Kings have a long reputation of providing quality instruction but the overly 'cheery' and energetic attitude was just a little too annoying for me.

You should also look at Sporty's videos. I used them for my private (back in stone ages BEFORE DVD!) and liked the quality and presentation style.

Hey, I appreciate such a quick response!

Sporty's, yea they have a collection of videos also, didn't think about that. Any other suggestions about Sporty's, Jeppesen or King?
I used Sporty's Private Pilot DVD's. I gotta say I loved them. I was gonna go with King's but I'd have to agree, they are just to dang happy. Also, the Sporty's little segments of Air Facts with Richard Collins (I really respect this guy) are a great break from the monotony of learning the reg's. I'm going for the instument course from Sporty's soon.
If you use the King CD's, you'll get to see the "Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire" guy acting out cheesy skits... Plenty of reason to choose something else!

Actually, I've used the King CD's for my Private and Instrument, and they're OK. The humor is irritating most of the time, funny sometimes, but always there. They seem like they tend to "dumb things down" sometimes, though.

I haven't seen any of the other CD's/videos/DVD's, but I do have a copy of the Jepp Private Pilot book, and I enjoyed it's content quite a bit more. Very "to the point".

I suppose that I should add to the end of this message that the King CD's did well for me on the Private written, and I'll find out how well I'm prepared for the Instrument written tomorrow.
1) The Kings teach the airman knowlege test, and have refined it down. Teaching experts agree that humor aids in retention, but not everyone likes humor, or the Kings, for that matter.

2) The Jepp tapes or CD's are more about supporting the textbooks, and give good illustrations of maneuvers. This is not a prep for the written test.

3) The Sporty material is good, and Richard Collins is an experinced pilot and curmudgeon (it takes one to know one). No humor, just the facts, and like the Jepp, not a prep for the written.

If you are training for the written, it's the Kings.

For general knowlege, Sporty's.

I doubt I'll buy King, the Martha-fro kills me and my wife swears John is cross-eyed, but just in case, what's the main diff between the Computer DVD and the TV DVD?

(I'm looking at the Instrument)

I'll probably buy Sporty's....anyone have one to sell?

I'm told by a nurse that John has Strabismus, or "lazy eye".

She's a flight student, and wondered why he doesn't have it fixed.

Page six of the Sporty's catalog says that the DVD's will work in the computer DVD drive or the TV DVD machine.
I'll second Timebuilder: King, if you want to "learn" the "written test", but Sporty's for the knowledge and no-nonsense, just the facts, content and presentation style. I've used Jepp, King and Sporty's (Sporty's most recently for my helo add on ratings) and I think they are the best for teaching the material, vs. teaching the written test.

However, I think Martha King is kinda cute, though the hairdo is a bit old-fashioned. Then again, I wear my hair the same way I did 30 years ago too.

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