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Jennifer making calls at SWA

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Feb 5, 2002
Hey everyone who interviewed in Jan at SWA, just wondering if anyone has been able to talk to Jennifer about the DB. She left a message today for another pilot and me (1500 & 1408 CST) that we did well on the DB and to call back for details.

Any ideas on training dates?

Is she scheduling drug tests?

Good luck to everyone else!

App: 12 Jul 01
Type: 17 Sep 01
Interview Call: 12 Dec 01
Interview: 16 Jan 02
DB: 20 Feb 02
Call: 1408 EST!

I guess InHot typed faster than me...I would add this post to his thread, but I'm not that smart, and besides I have some celebrating to do...cheers!
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SWA Call

Myself and another dude here at LRF, also got the call. Drug tests to follow! It is a great day!!!

Applied: 15 Mar 01 (No Type)
Called: 15 Aug 01
Original Interview: 24 Sep 01 (X-celled)
Actual Interview: 14 Jan 02
DB: 20 Feb 02

In His grip,

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i just got the call too (message on the machine) saying i have 6 months to get type. I assume that means i got the job. going to be a great weekend
SWA Class Date?

Hey guys,

When I spoke with Jennifer, she said to expect 6 months for a class date. Also said that was probably pretty conservative.

Congrats to everyone!

Miller Time!!!

For all of us who have recently converted from SWA Wa-Na-Bs to SWA Gon-Na-Bs I just dug up these class dates from a post in Jan:

Future SWA pilots,
As I'm sitting here in Oakland on reserve, I thought I could share some good information updating SWA's hiring projections for 2002. I'm reading over a memo containing the most recent (24 Jan) planned 2002 new hire pilot classes:

New Hire Class 01 - Jan 03
NH 02 - Jan 17
NH 03 - Jan 31
NH 04 - Feb 04
NH 05 - Feb 28
NH 06 - Mar 14
NH 07 - Mar 27
NH 08 - Apr 11
NH 09 - Apr 25
NH 10 - May 09
NH 11 - May 23
NH 12 - Jun 06
NH 13 - Jun 20
NH 14 - Jul 03
NH 15 - Jul 18
NH 16 - Aug 01
NH 17 - Aug 15
NH 18 - Aug 29

Life is good!
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Just a hunch

For those of you who were called by Jenifer could you please tell the rest of us what the first letter of your last name is? The answers might make the rest of us feel a little better or might make us want to hit the hard stuff early!!

Thanks in advance!!

Hey Jake,

First letter of last name is "S."

Who knows what order they make the calls, alphabetically, in order of interview??

I interviewed 7 Jan. I got the call today @ 1620 EST.

Good luck.
Letter of Last Name

Last name starts with a "H" and I interviewed on the 14th. The other dude at LRF last name starts with "C" and interviewed on the 15th. Don't give up hope, yet! Jennifer was very busy today.
SWA poolies

Hey all,

Make room for me....I'm joining the pool! Jennifer called today at noon (EST) and told me I'm in! What a great day this is!

She said not to expect a class date before May, but to keep in touch once a month.....things might change.

MLBWINGBORN, if you're still keeping the pool list alive here's my stats:

Applied: Aug 17, '01
Typed: Oct 7, '01
Interviewed: Jan 10, '02
In Pool: Feb 22, '02

Jake, my last name begins with the letter "D". Does this help?

The waiting game was tougher than I thought, feels good to be treading water....

Good luck to you all!
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Congrats to everyone...we had a good party at Vance tonight (2 of us called!). Our last names begin with M and O, called 1408 and 1530.

It may be chilly outside, but we're divin' in anyways...

Welcome to the polar bear club!


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