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Jcab atp?

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JCAB = Japanese Civil Aviation Board

JCAB ATPL is a Japanese license
you dont convert it...you get it if you get hired by a japanese company. from what i have heard from friends at ANA, it is quite a production.
Well, lets just say is not a weekend course:laugh:

One place I'm considering applying to builds in an additional 3 months of ground school to get the Jap ATP thing done....
I was type rated on the Q400 before I got to Japan and my training was still a little over 6 months. Anything with the JCAB is going to be a production. The Japanese are deathly affraid of the all powerful JCAB and go to great a$$ kissing length to appease them. In some regard they are more clueless than the FAA but it is the whole cooperate and graduate addage. During training the instructors get you so worked up over a JCAB checkride, where your eyes should be at 200 feet(no joke, approaching minimums, the PF should start with 7 seconds of scan inside, 2 sec outside; 6 sec in, 3 sec out;5 in, 4 sec out; you get the idea), to how you shoot a visual approach. I thought the visual approach was the hardest maneuver if that says anything. and they want you to be thinking math formulas on a minimum curcling at 500 feet to adjust your time after abeam runway end. Yeah, you can't just turn, you've got to start time while handflying and looking outside. By the time the JCAB check comes, you really don't give a sh!t anymore and could care less if you passed or failed. By the end of the check, it is never as bad as what your instructors have you worked up over. Part of that is if you fail it directly reflects on the instructors. Check day is actually pretty funny, ANA has a rep follwing JCAB around, wiping his a$$ and making sure his tea is filled and hot. You have already been prepped on the proper bowing technique; legs together, hands firmly by side, bend at 45 degree angle, oh and always bow lower than JCAB as a sign of humblebess. And do not release the bow until after JCAB. And don't forget to not make eye contact while blurting out, "Yorushku onegieshimas!" If you decide this path, "ganbatte kudasai."

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