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JBPA - NMB Authorizes Vote


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Feb 13, 2003
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Not a huge surprise...

From the 12/3/08 JBPA Update:

Mid morning today the National Mediation Board advised the JBPA that it has completed the interest card verification process. A sufficient showing of interest has been determined and “an internet and telephone election is here by authorized”. JetBlue Airways has been informed that they have 5 calendar days to complete the furnishing of labels for the purpose of mailing voting instructions to the list of eligible voters pursuant to section 12.1 of the NMB representation manual.
Also - JBPA has affiliated with CAPA (Coalition of Airline Pilot Associations) as an Associate Member.

CAPA is a coalition of over 23,000 professional pilots. CAPA's purpose is to address safety, security, legislative and regulatory issues affecting the professional flight deck crew member on matters of common interest to the individual member unions. The five members of CAPA are:

Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) Southwest
National Pilots Association (NPA) AirTran
Allied Pilots Association (APA) American
Independent Pilots Association (IPA) UPS
Teamsters Local 1224 ABX Air
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Dec 8, 2005
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Ford And Harrison must be busy cranking out the propoganda.

Wonder how much Jetblue has spent on their "representation"

Rez O. Lewshun

Save the Profession
Jan 19, 2004
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Glad to jee the JB pilots are getting a voice on CapHill....

JB managment has had a voice via the ATA for years...