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JB or CS ???

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Inspector 12

Active member
Sep 2, 2005
I have upcoming interviews with both Jet blue and Citation Shares. Could someone list advantages / disadvantages to both.
I think that most people at citation shares are trying to come to JB. Hope that helps.

Doth thou jest?

You are joking with this question? We are talking apples and oranges - Doritos and Blue Chips.

CS is a fictional. JBLU is a wannabe major airline. Cum on boyz.
Let's get serious

I'll be serious here. I've worked at both.

JetBlue: Major Airline, stock options, better retirement, better schedule (more flexibility by being able to get the days off you want and not being stuck on a 7on/7off schedule where your work days are figured out years in advance), better future for the company, MORE Money from the start and much MORE Money in the long run. And most importantly.... LESS BULLSH!T. At JetBlue you are respected as a pilot and expected to be a pilot. Not a dispatcher, flight attendant, line worker (you don't put plugs in the Airbus at night, don't add engine oil, don't restock the booze, chips, pretzels... you also don't clean. I don't mean putting on blue gloves and schmoozing w/ the F/A's while you pick up a few rows and cross seat belts if you have the time.... at CS you CLEAN the friggin plane.... vacuum, clean fingerprints, empty the crappers, wipe down the leather, get all the crap out of the carpet, etc.) As a first year F/O at B6 you'll make as much or more than a CS captain.... if you work 85 hours and partake in the stock purchase program and make your guaranteed 15% on the immediate sellback of the stock... 65000 dollars. Also you have definite raises and no bullsht "merit" system that should read "Bubba Club". Seniority means you'll upgrade when it's your turn, not when Barry thinks you've paid your dues and sucked up enough. You know where you'll be flying and what your layover times will be to the minute and you won't be jacked around by a scheduling department that can't find it's ass w/ both hands and a mirror.

CS: You get to wear the coveted "yellow tie"..... OK I think that's it.


PS-Now if you were comparing CS to a regional then I would go w/ CS. Interview at both and you may not have a choice. If you get both jobs it's a no-brainer to me and some of the others here... I also have never heard of a guy quitting a major to go to CS... it doesn't happen for a reason.
well in my class recently at JB one of the former most senior, "even though we don't have a seniority system" captains happily joined jetblue. and glad he is here....

what is the yellow tie??

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