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JB called! No not JetBlue

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Well-known member
Mar 18, 2002
Got the call this moring that I made it through the decision board and that the background checks are underway. They also said I have to come in for the wiz quiz. If anyone knows the chances of not getting hired after the DB please let me know. I have nothing to hide on the background check and no worries on the wiz quiz. Further information is I interviewed on the 13th of March, all civilian, no type.
JB = Jennifer Bauer the former Jennifer McCallion. She works in the People Department at SWA is usually the one that makes the call telling someone they had a good decision board and that we are 'moving along in the process'. as opposed to a letter that presumably says something along the lines of thanks for playing.


Could you give us a time line of events starting with when you
turned in you app. ?

I sent my app. in at the first of Sept. 01. I recieved a letter that
acknowledged the receipt of my app. and that they would review
it and contact me by letter.
I do not have a 737 type yet but plan on getting mine this summer.

I would appreciate any info that you can share!

I turned in my app in September of 2001 with no letters of rec. I was called on the 4th of March for an interview on the 13th of March in the afternoon group. At the time it was averaging six months for those without the type but now it looks like it might be a little longer since they don't plan on interviewing for the next couple months (at least thats what they told us when we interviewed). The DB met a couple days ago and I was given a call this morning that I made it through and that they are starting the full background check.
Thanks for the information. I have just recently started flying
on demand charter again. I haven't been doing any 135 flying
since 1996. I don't know if that would affect their decision or
not. I will get the type and then update my resume this summer
and wait it out hoping for contact.

Good luck with everything!

Congrats. Although the letter you will get will make it sound as if you've only "progressed to the next phase of the process" or something similar, you are now what they call a "pre-hire." ;) This means you will be hired at some point, dependent almost totally upon the economy and aircraft deliveries (and perhaps retirements, but only when the retirement numbers start jumping up in a few years). There are only a few ways you would NOT actually become an employee:

1) Fail to get your type rating. Never heard of anyone that this happened to.

2) Fail to complete company training course (sim check). This would require an extremely poor attitude, or multiple failures of the checkride (a single failure or requiring extra sim training is no big deal). If you study what they tell you to, they will get you through the course.

3) Fail to complete Initial Operating Experience. This occasionally happens, I guess, but they will give you two shots at it, and possibly additional training in between, and they're pretty patient, (i.e. they expect a certain level of buffoonery on your first couple of trips) so again, if you do a reasonable amount of study and preparation, you'll complete it successfully.

4) Fail the drug test or background check. If this happens, you probably already knew it was going to, and you know who to blame ;)

5) Economy goes in the tank so long that they lose confidence in the currency of their info on the poolies, and have to start reaccomplishing stuff. My gut feeling is that we'll see "some" additional hiring this year yet, but I'll bet your "pre-hire" status is good for at least a year or two.

In other words, whenever you get correspondence from the company, remember that it was written by lawyers, who don't want to give anyone grounds to bring suit when things don't go the way someone was hoping they would. You've already completed the most difficult part of the process.
Thanks for the info now I just have to wait for the background checks and then getting into the pool by getting my type.
Bluesideup1, what letter does your last name start with if you don't mind, and does anyone know if there is a system in calling people after the board meets. I have been told they do it alphabetically but it has never been proven. My friend also got a call on Friday and his last name starts with a B. I was in the same DB and haven't heard anything yet and my last name starts with an R. Thanks for the info and congratulations.

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