Jayson Baron Flight Pay Loss Reimbursement Complete 10-16-08


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Sep 10, 2005
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My election website www.jaysonbaron.info under the Flight Pay Loss Tab has been updated with the following.

Jayson Baron has written a check to ALPA for $6,414.11 and it was mailed to Randy Hodge at the CAL MEC office on Thursday October 16, 2008.

October 16, 2008

Captain Hodge,

It is you, sir, who is, unfortunately, grossly mis-representing the truth. You, sir, have stone walled me, and I have e-mail evidence plus phone records to back this statement up. You mentioned to me a week or so ago, not the other way around, that you were advised by legal counsel that there is an election going on and, therefore, we could not resolve this matter at this time. My response to you was that this wasn't even remotely an election issue when I contacted you in May via e-mail attempting to resolve the issue. Further, this wasn't an election issue in July when I responded to your very late e-mail response to my May email. To date you have failed to answer my July email. Per Clay Warner of ALPA National this isn't an election issue

I am the one who has taken it upon myself to contact ALPA Vice President Captain Bill Couette and ALPA Attorney Clay Warner (two times in the last week) trying to resolve this flight pay loss issue because of your dereliction of duty on this entire fiasco. Your failure to respond to my phone calls is completely unprofessional.

It has come to my attention though this situation that the Good Ole Boys club at CAL ALPA negotiates special deals for certain pilots to repay flight pay loss obligation by vacation sell backs and or flying back while other pilots are simply just plain ignored by their MEC when attempting to make good on their flight pay loss obligations.

If you had responded to my phone call of last week, you would have heard from me my intention to establish a $1,000 dollar-a-month repayment plan to ALPA commencing immediately. I had discussed this issue with Clay Warner twice and Kate Malone (Kate actually returns my calls) and both of them felt this repayment plan was fair and reasonable to both the Association and me.

Although I can't afford to do so at this time, and since you have not even picked up the phone to call me back since last week to resolve this issue, I am writing a check today to ALPA for $6,414.11. As you are aware, I have never filled out an ALPA expense report. You made an offer in the past to waive the normal dead line for filing an ALPA expense report in regards to the Wall Street event of March 2008, and I am going to hold you to that offer to allow me to recover my significant out-of-pocket expenses which I paid in preparation for the Wall Street event. Please provide me with an explanation of how to file an ALPA expense report for this period.

Let your actions be guided accordingly,

Jayson Baron

As Continental pilots, we find ourselves at a critical juncture. If we want a viable contract with major increases in pay, retirement, insurance benefits, quality of life, and scope language, we need a drastic change in our current direction.

The road map to change starts with electing EWR representatives who have the integrity, intelligence, dedication, drive, stamina, and ability to force a major change in the direction of the Continental Master Executive Council (MEC). The team to make this change is Jayson Baron (CA Representative) and Tara Cook (First Officer Representative) and Kaye Riggs (Secretary/Treasurer)