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Jay Leno's "AW Pilots Gone Wild!"

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Home Based Again!
May 7, 2002
Anybody catch that skit Thurs night? It was funny, but sad. A beer tap on the pedestal! I wish I had it on Tivo to post it temporarily for those that didn't catch it. "The Man Show" skit still rules, though.
As much as I hate to see pilots being portrayed as irresponsible and unprofessional, I think the skits from "The Man Show" and Jay Leno are funny as He!!. It does suck when pilots make the news, but maybe it'll wake up any other pilot who has a problem with drinking. Those two pilots wouldn't have been intoxicated on duty if they didn't have some sort of problem. The captain had a couple of incidents in the past with alcohol and violence as well. At least most of us out there have our heads screwed on straight. Don't get me wrong, I like to drink occasionally but I never let it get out of control. I give myself at least 12 hours.
I wish I could have seen it! It sounds hilarious.

Hovernut - you may want to get that left engine of yours checked out, man. It's been feathered for a loooong time. Maybe you should make a landing or something. ;)
BigD, that's the nice thing about the new Seminoles; they fly great on just one! Now if that darned unfeathering accumulator would work just half the time!!
The Jay Leno skit was really funny!

hmmmm, this incident gives new meaning to ATC instructions:

Cactus 556, verify you have Whiskey...
Just a couple that I've heard:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, This is your Captain speaking. We have some turbulence up ahead and we're going to be flying through so that we can make sure our drinks are properly mixed."

"Tower, flightxxx to Phoenix with whiskey, but don't tell America West."


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