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Japan F1-Raikkonen Impressive

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Man! Wish I'd stayed up to watch it. I saw the first lap and that was entertaining enough... :D TC

Awsome race. I wonder how many folks here no that the prinipals of TAG Aeronautics, which in turn own TAG Avation are the majority owners in the McLeran F1 team. The Ojeh family has owned the team along with Ron Dennis for years now. Ron dennis has his own Challenger and of course TAG Aeronautics the the distribitor for the Challenger and Global Express in the Middle East. Some of the TAG folks based in Geneva are fairly close to this operation. It would really be interesting to get up close to the McLearn team and see just how they do it. I have any number of detailed stories about the preperation and extreme attention to detail that each of the races require and it sounds more like a moon shot than a car race.
Spooky--Thanks for the details. I've seen the TAG logo but just connected it with the watch company (obviously disregarding the different logos...DUH!).

Just goes to show how so many people in business have their fingers in a variety of pies.TC
Hey, some of us had the race taped. No spoilers in the subject line. Although, from your subject line, I figured that he may have made the podium - I didn't expect what happened.

That said, WWWWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!! I'm trying to reinforce to my little kids that they shouldn't scream, and during that last lap, I undid months of good parenting. I was yelling for Kimi like an adolescent schoolgirl.

And to think that some people say that F1 isn't exciting. Holy cow.
TAG Huer

TAG sold the watch company several years back to Louis Vutton (SP?) and reatined the logo rights for various promotions. Bought the comany cheap, then went with the sports watch craze and promoted the heck out of the product before they sold it for a very significant profit to LV.

The Ojeh family has some significant wealth and influence in the corpoarte aviation community, but you seldom realize that they are direclty involved. Very low profile folks.

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