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J31 info

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Active member
Dec 14, 2001
I was just wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get some information on the J31. I already tried avsoft with no luck. Any help would apperciated.
j 31 info

send me a private message.. i was a check airman... i have spare flight safety poster to give you.. if you want copies of what i have ... MEL, systems for J32, even some call outs, memory items, limitations and differences for 31 and 32, then call me
I would advise against learning any callouts or memory items before going to class. Whereas limitations are pretty much standard, each company has its own checklists, memory items and callouts. It goes back to the law of primacy. You are better off knowing nothing than having the wrong info committed to memory. A panel poster would be a good way to become familiar with the cockpit layout though, and they are becoming harder to find.
j 31 advice

flywrite... you are correct in your assessment as to the value of company checklists and callouts....i should have added the caveat which said... as a matter of information only...

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