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I've met the enemy,

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good ol boy
Nov 26, 2001
And he is I. (at least a little bit)

After many months of observing/participating in the RJ vs mainline issue. It has finally sunk in, the RJ crews are making over two times the amount of pay per seat that I make.

I still haven't changed my mind about PFT and those who did it, but I realize that my thinking about the RJ vs mainline issue has been clouded by the companies involved.

Comair (PFT)vs DAL (no PFT)

ASA (PFT) vs DAL (no PFT)

Mesa (PFT) vs everyone (no PFT)

The realization is this: I was blaming them because I have a bad taste in my mouth for PFT, BUT there is NO connection between PFT and the current mess.

It is so simple, mainline is shrinking because there is reduced demand for the services that old style mainline offered; and the current demand for service is not at the level that generates enough profit to pay the high wages. AirTran/SWA/Spirit, et al, are succeeding because we offer what the traveling public presently wants to pay for. I sincerely hope that they eventually change their tastes, and we all start to make more money.

..... and the RJ's are helping the mainline more than they are hurting. I wish my union would stop treating regional pilots like second class citizens.

I took a job with Spirit because it was the best offer I had at the time, I had NO intention of undercutting my dreams to fly for one of the big seven. I continued to improve myself so that I could get hired at SWA/AA/CAL, etc. (finished the Bachelors at ERAU, etc) Time ran out on me, and I now find myself looking at a career job with a lowpaying carrier.
I imagine that 90% of the regional pilots have the same story. Not one of us (non-PFT'rs) took any action to intentionally undermine our major airline brothers.

So when ya'll get to slingin mud with abandon,both sides should remember that the market is in control. The vast majority of all pilots don't exhibit the animosity that the vocal members of internet bulletin boards do.
See ya at the hotel


PS, I'll be the one with the fat cigar.

PPS, Spirit is in contract renewal talks as I speak. Pray that we achieve the increase we are shooting for. Double would just about do it:)
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I haven't changed my mind about Bob Brinker and his attitude that UAL's pilots are to blame for UAL's troubles. Once management gets the plank out of their own eye, then I'll let them pick the splinter from mine.


You are the man. Bravo and very well said.
I love it whan a light bulb goes "on" for someone.

I reallylove it when it goes on for me!

We will always be ruled by the market, and upscale carriage may return on a large scale. I recall the "undercover" report on "60 Minutes" that contrasted Delta and Air Midwest. Perhaps the current uptrend in the economy will foster some change (no pun intended).

I have discovered my own economic indicator: the interstate highway. As I drive for 90 minutes to the airport at 3:00AM to prepare for a 5:00AM departure, I am surrounded by hundreds of trucks on I-81 and 78, heading for new england and the NY metro area. The traffic has almost doubled in the last four months.

Maybe I should call Louis Rukeyser...
Life begins at 40 . . . even in aviation sometimes

Given some of my writings about age discrimination in pilot hiring, I suppose I'm one to talk, but who says you are too old? You are building quals the majors should love, i.e. heavy PIC 121 turbine. Also, your background and experience from climbing the ladder one rung at a time as opposed to P-F-T. Maybe when hiring picks up, and it always does, you can try. Much would depend on if you'd want to start over again.

I think it's true, though, that more people are opting for their cars instead of flying. It may well be because they're disenchanted with the level of service, and also because they don't want to deal with airport security. In light of the 911 aniversary, I don't understand that. Not only is the heightened security for everyone's safety, refusing it because it is a bother is a victory of sorts for the terrorist vermin.

Well said! I also did the four year ERAU thing and drove jets around for "bottom-feeder" airlines in hopes of landing a job with the majors, but now realize that it AINT GONNA HAPPEN... Running out of time and it's too competative right now.

Not a good time to be in contract negotiations either! They could probably replace you guys with even lower payed pilots, or worse yet...scabs! Hope it works out for you in the long run.
I saw a profile on TV recently about enigma's boss. He seemed to have a very positive attitude. The piece described how he had helped to load baggage in the startup period. Maybe the contract talks will go smoother than we think.

I, too have had to re-think my goals in this post 9-11 time/bear market. I had planned on meeting the Comair mins after six months of instructing, but after six months I only had half of the time I had expected, and when the furloughs came I knew that my 121 music had stopped and I was left standing, without a chair.

Now, I'm thinking corporate.
Mesa P-F-T

Hud is correct. MAPD is not P-F-T!!! You might get to interview with Mesa after completing the program, but you have not purchased a job!!

Good luck with your negotiations.

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