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Its getting ugly in here.

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IBT does not represent ME
Nov 27, 2001
A while back, a bunch of excellent contributers to this site bailed because people were just posting the dumbest sh1t. There are still a few people on this site that I enjoy reading and actually learn from on a regular basis. I wont be surprised if they move on if we continue with the strike b.s., union pissing and moaning, and general finger pointing that is really getting old. Just my opinion on the direction things seem to going here.
I agree... most have lost the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable. And the ironic thing is - they would get their point across much more effectively with constructive and balanced comments, not scattershots and name calling. Any thread with "morons" in the title is just not going to persuade anybody.

I saw all this on my company forum. It got so bad I no longer go there.....
I agree. Healthy debate and dissent is a good thing, but we need to lose the name calling and personal insults when we get shown up.

Please be vigilant to report any offensive posts to the moderators. We will deal with the post AND the poster.

We are committed to not letting this forum become like so many other "b1tch boards" out there.
Flightinfo Hangar Janitor :D

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