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It FAR better.....

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Jul 4, 2002
It is far better to die like a bull in a bullfight, than like a cow at the meatpacking plant....
Actually - it's better to be the bull in the pasture having your way with all the cows and not die at all.


Or as my dad used to say, "the old bull said to the young bull, don't run and waste your energy, we will walk down the hill and _ _ _ _ em all".

Sorry it was one of his favorite jokes about youth versus experience, couldn't help it.
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This causes me to ruminate. I'm tempted to let my 11 year old, partially blind, lame legged Dachshund go after the badger that lives at the airport. I'd rather see him go down in battle than some long illness.
Opium is my business. The bridge means more traffic. More traffic means more business. More business means more money. More money means more power.

Before I commit that to memory, would there be anything in this for me?

Speed is important in business. Time is money.

No, you said opium is money.

Money is money. And money is my objective.

Then what is time again?

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