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Israel to hold drill of plane crash..

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Active member
May 16, 2002
Thought this was interesting. It would seem that Israel learns a lot from us.... Maybe we should learn from their examples (ie El Al)

Israel to hold drill of plane crash aftermath.
Associated Press

JERUSALEM - A Tel Aviv suburb is staging a large drill simulating the aftermath of the deliberate crashing of a plane into a 30-story building, and participants will put to use what they learned from New York City firefighters.
Hundreds of firefighters, police officer and emergency workers will participate in the exercise in the town of Givataim on Tuesday, said fire department chief Efraim Maaravi. The drill also includes an attempted bombing in the underground parking lot of the high-rise.

Emergency service workers will try to rescue people from the top floors of the building, as large amounts of smoke are being released into the air.

Maaravi said he underwent training for attacks on high-rises in New York City following the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center that killed six people.

The drill will be dedicated to New York City firefighters who were killed in the Sept. 11 terror attack. "They taught us all about how to fight fires in tall buildings, what equipment is needed and how such buildings act when they are on fire," Maaravi said. "We are remembering them in this drill."

Israeli officials have said a terror attack on a tall building in Israel is a possibility. A plot by Palestinian militants to plant a bomb underneath the twin Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv, among the tallest buildings in Israel, was thwarted this year.

Meanwhile, Israeli intelligence officials said radical Palestinian groups in Lebanon are preparing hanggliders to be used in cross-border attacks.

Israel fears the hanggliders could also be sold to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip for use in attacks on Israelis, the military officials said on condition of anonymity.

Yossi Peled, a former commander of troops along the border with Lebanon, said Monday that the hanggliders could be used in suicide missions, adding that the army has prepared for such a possibility.

In 1987, a Palestinian militant flying a hangglider flew from Lebanon into northern Israel and killed several Israeli soldiers in an attack on an army base.

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