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Island Air...Hawaii...DCH-8s

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Well-known member
Mar 15, 2002
Just curious what people have to say about Island Air. Would you live in Hawaii for a few years flying DCH-8s and living in squalor? Do you think the time would be valuable as opposed to a regional job here state-side?
Island Air Gouge

If he doesn't show up on this board soon with a reply himself, IM "Freight Dog" (with the space). He works there now and can tell you all.....


You have to explain what you would consider to be squalor.:D In terms of quality of life, awesome weather, and great flying, you can't beat it. The caveat also is because of the great weather, you won't get as much IFR weather time relative to flying for Chicago Express for example. If you are hoping to move on to a major some day, this may be a factor for you and the HR folks reviewing your app. Just my opinion.


P.S. When I am not flying, I am surfing...and what could be better than that?
"?Stateside?" Hmmmm, last I checked.......

No, I think you might be better off staying put Mr. Data.

The few pilots who came out here thinking "short term" quickly grew homesick and returned to the mainland. If you have your doubts, save yourself a trip. When friends ask me about life in the islands, I always recommend they fly out for a short vacation. Great way to help you decide. IA is not a place to build quick time and move on. Most of us are here because we enjoy the islands and the airlines we work for. I had a great time at Island Air! Didn't log much time, but the employees and management made it all worth while. (Hey FreightDog, I'll miss you man!:( haha)

Seriously though, the company wants people who sincerely wish to live and work here. It's important for them and it's important for you, because a move from the mainland is no easy task.
I came to Hawaii for vacation in 2000 and never went back to the mainland(California). You can't beat the lifestyle here. People are nice, the place is beautful and the flying is fun. I wouldn't trade my life here for the one I had in California. After a while I think every pilot looks for a good lifestyle and I am one of the thousands living and flying in paradise. Good luck with everything you do!!

Thanks for the input. I'm not even in the running, I've just been researching and wanted to get some input.


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