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Island Air E-mail

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Well-known member
Aug 13, 2002
Got an E-mail from Island Air saying that they have my resume on file and they would like to update me about the pilot application process; plan to cotinue interviewing for placement of qualified applicants into the pilot pool only. Interviews are currently planned for october in Atlanta. If I am interested in being interviewed please to update resume, attach copies of faa airman and current faa medical certificates, so they can mail me employment application forms.
What do you think? Does everyone gets one of these?
What are my chances of being called for an interview?
Yep, as far as I know, everyone gets those. Send your license/medical copies and when they send you application, fill it out. Then you'll most likely get the interview if everything is OK on your application.
Thanks for you reply Freight Dog. If isn't much trouble I would like to call you. Got a job offer in Hawaii and one in Alaska. Need some advise on what is like to live in Hawaii.
I would realy appreciate your help.

thanks again,

Interview dates filled

I called HR this morning and they confirmed recept of my app package but told me they have filled all slots for Sept (HNL) and Oct (ATL) interview dates.

They'll review all returned apps, but have no plans to make calls on them until new dates are scheduled. Apparently they're hiring into a pool now (to cover pilots for only 4 planes...)

So much for spending Xmas in Hawaii...
Got info from a buddy at Island. Training schedule says no class planned for Oct. They still have pilots in training and don't need any more until some leave. Of coarse in this biz everything could change tomorrow. (they do have 4 planes, but one is a spare)
IMHO there will be no movement until Aloha and Hawaiian hire some away. My intell says Hawaiian will not be hiring until next year and Aloha is currently interviewing, no word on classes.
Anyone know if Aloha is having any new-hire classes?

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