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Island Air (Aloha)

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New member
Mar 13, 2002
Has anybody got any information on Island Air in Hawaii, I know they fly Dash 8. Does anybody have info about there interview, training and what they are like to work for. Any input appreciated.
I know someone that flew there for a year and she liked it but thought it was kind of boring. All she flew was visual approach after visual approach and so on. (She should've known that going in to it), but think of the scenery. The interview was relaxed she said. The interviewers wear aloha shirts. Better still show up in a suit. They were real polite and the sim check was typical to most others. Give you holding instructions on ground and if you figure it out then you most likely won't have to do it. That is about all I know. Unfortunately she should have stayed there because she left for another regional and was supposed to start training at the end of sept. Never happened thanks to Uncle Bin Laden.

Its a nice small company, everyone is on a first name basis and knows one another. No hiring right now and movement is stagnant. HA - AQ merger has created some turmoil. Three furloughed AQ pilots are returning as Capts. For a time it was a great place to quickly move up to either Aloha or Hawaiian, but that all changed on 9/11 and now the merger. Could be a few years before it all shakes out. Pay is lower than mainland regionals and cost of living is steep (easily 20% more). Positives are extremely good medical, sunshine, and No Overnights!
They say no hiring this year, but may be interviewing to put some swimmers in a pool for next year. Good Luck.

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