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Is your unit hiring?

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Well-known member
Apr 11, 2003
Hey guys,
I thought Id see if any of you guys that actively view this board and are in a guard/reserve unit would like to help an aspiring brother out? I'm curious if your unit is hiring currently or will in the next 6 months or so? Ive exhausted baseops.net to death and have applied to all the units I could since I graduated this august (5 packets sent, 3 interviews). I got picked up for an alt. slot on my first interview but that unit has been bracked! :( I just recently commissioned and in the meantime am in traditional guard status doing a desk job while trying to find a unit to call home. If anyone has any good leads Id greatly greatly appreciate it...I'm looking mainly at heavies..but will apply to any and all airframes regardless of location!! Thanks for any heads up you all can give :)
There is no substitute for face time with the guys making the decisions at the units. Face time is more valuable than flight time. They'll hire a cool guy with a ppl over a dork RJ pilot every time. Now a cool RJ pilot is even better.

Pretty much every heavy unit hires eventually, it's just all a timing thing. There will always be more demand than supply for Reserve/Guard slots because of how good of a deal it is. I'm sure you know not to show up the day of an interview and to get one. I would focus on a few key units and invest time and energy getting to know the guys around the office. Eventually a slot will come open at one of them.

If you are desperate for a slot, try a unit with lots of turnover in less desirable locations, flying less desirable airframes. You probably know Reserve and Guard units like local grown people who will be sticking around, emphasize your connections to the area, as well as your flaming hot dream to fly whatever it is they fly.

Best of luck on your goals, you'll need it. In my short experience it seems like it's all about being in the right place at the right time knowing the right people and saying the right things.
You sure are right and I agree with everything youve said! I showed up a few times to the unit that i got my alt slot with and that was my first interview ever..they told me that just by coming down and hanging out with them..it seperated me from the rest! I have been spending time at other units in the south where I"m living, but still sending out apps everywhere else. I figure it never hurts to try and at least I wont regret not ever knowing if I would get selected ha :) Its a long process..but its my life dream and it will work out eventually! Thanks for your support.

Sluggo63..I had an application all turned in..but it didnt get shown to the board because I didnt have my driving record included (who knew?? ..I thought it was a weird requirement..but my it was my fault ultimately as I didnt know to add it).

Dtfl, you have a PM!
Hehe on behalf of the 10 co-pilots currently fighting for flighttime in Pittsburgh, it's a definitive NO! Did you call the other day asking if we were hiring? I was there when someone did...

No that wasnt me..but I had emailed months back and was told you guys didnt need anyone and were not sending candidates to UPT. OH well haha

anyone else?? keep em coming

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