Is New Orleans a no-fly zone???


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Sep 13, 2004
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With all the helicopters, you'd think so. If I was near that area, and had my ticket, I'd be compelled to fly over the area.


Go Kings, Go!!
Jan 15, 2005
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5/7966 - Part 1 Of 2 Flight Restrictions New Orleans, La. Effective Immediately Until Further Notice. Pursuant To 14 Cfr Section 91.137(a)(1) Temporary Flight Restrictions Are In Effect Within An Area Bounded By: 300622n/0902611w The Reserve (rqr) Vor/dme 080.0 Degree Radial At 8.0 Nautical Miles Then To 301017n/0895411w The Reserve (rqr) Vor/dme 080.0 Degree Radial At 36.0 Nautical Miles Then To 295406n/0895324w The Reserve (rqr) Vor/dme 105.0 Degree Radial At 38.0 Nautical Miles Then To 295157n/0901503w The Reserve (rqr) Vor/dme 125.0 Degree Radial At 22.0 Nautical Miles Then To 295100n/0902232w The Reserve (rqr) Vor/dme 140.0 Degree Radial At 18.0 Nautical Miles Back To Original Point At And Below 5000 Feet Msl To Protect Persons And Property On The Surface Or In The Air From Hazards Associated With The Effects Of The Hurricane, Critical Infrastructure Losses, And Emergency Operations; To Provide A Safe Environment For Relief And Law Enforcement Aircraft Operations And To Address The Loss Of Radar, Air-ground Communications, And Air Traffic Control (atc) Services. Only Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Aircraft Such As Medical Evacuation, Law Enforcement, First Responder, And Other Emergency Operations Related Flights In Direct Support Of Federal State, And Local Agencies Are Authorized To End Part 1 Of 2 Wie Until Ufn

Part 2 Of 2 Flight Restrictions New Orleans, La. Operate Within This Tfr. All Civil Aircraft Requesting To Operate Within The Area Must Contact The Faa Recovery Desk At 703-904-4547 (primary), 800-333-4286 (secondary), Prior To Departure. All Fixed Wing Aircraft, Civil And Military, Requesting To Land At Msy Must Call The Faa Recovery Desk For An Ifr Slot Reservation Time. All Civil Aircraft Once Airborne, Must Contact Airborne Early Warning (aew) Aircraft Callsign Omaha 44 On Frequency 134.9/282.425, Which Is Supporting Relief Air Operations In The Tfr Area Prior To Entering The Tfr Airspace. All Aircraft Will Remain In Contact With Omaha 44 For Flight Advisories. The Aew Aircraft Will Only Provide Advisory Service To Facilitate Situational Awareness Among The Participating Aircraft And Will Not Provide Any Air Traffic Services. All Aircraft Operating In The Tfr Airspace Must Exercise Extreme Caution. All Dod Assets In Support Of Katrina Operations Should Contact The Ato Cell At 850-283-5864/5840 Or 5841 For Inclusion On The Joint Task Force Katrina Air Tasking Order. End Part 2 Of 2 Wie Until Ufn


Freight Dawgs Rule
Dec 17, 2003
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you'd think they'd be begging people to fly over and drop bags of cement into the area.