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Is King Air Sic Time A Good Thing?

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Riddle momma

Well-known member
Aug 17, 2002
Hey all,
In my ongoing quest to further my career, I have stumbled upon a maybe-not-so-hard decision. Never the less I'd like some imput.

Currently instructing... sigh... but with a couple of oportunites to choose from: Demo pilot for Cirruss Aircraft, or King Air SIC. My question is this, do regionals weigh SIC time about as much as PIC time? Would they prefer PIC seneca time to SIC King Air?

I am not doing toooo bad with my twin time (150), but the total time is hurting (730) me as far as getting into a real job.
just my opinion

I have struggled with the same sort of debate as you Caravan PIC vs Metro (multi)SIC.
All I can tell you is this, PIC is always better however turbine time is what the majors/regionals fly and all the applications I have filled out have TURBINE time right up front. Also multi is better than single. And if its King Air 135 time and they will give you a sign off to legally fly and log SIC that is the best of both worlds. You might get into some problem later logging SIC time in a single pilot airplane like the King Air. I've probably confused you more but its just my opinion.
PIC Seneca v. SIC Kingair

That's a no-brainer, in my .02 opinion. You want any kind of PIC multi. That's been true for time immemorial. E.g., twelve years ago, standard commuter multi mins were 500 hours. And, people fretted plenty about how to build it. Nowadays, with few commuter jobs available and the usual overabundance of applicants wanting those jobs, people with good PIC multi will have an advantage. I would not be surprised in the least if you need at least 500 hours of multi PIC to get an interview.

Take the Seneca job. You need the PIC hours far more than you need the turbine time. The regionals don't expect you to have much, if any, turbine time at this stage of your career.

Good luck with your decision.
PIC Time

I think Bobbysand's anwser is right on the mark.

I would also say that if you have that kind of attitude towards instructing, do your students a favor and stop now.
I think that you should work around the FAR's.

It's the King Air part 91? are you MEI? or if 91 but not MEI check http://www.awp.faa.gov/fsdo/art_pilot.htm on how you log that time PIC.

Now, if that's does not apply, Ill suggest to contact your local FSDO for advise, it won't make a diff. (in my opinion) if you have 9,000 SIC in an airplane that does not need one unless is a 135 req. (autopilot/ifr ops)

I agree with the rest that PIC multi is better than SIC, but with 730hrs total (nothing personal)I won't be that optimistic about getting with a real regional in a year or more. So if you can go and get your ATP and have that 50% of your logged time PIC turbine I would think you should have the advantage over the rest in your job hunt.

in my opinion chances are that you can get a BE1900 job in any commuter faster with the BE90 experience.

And last but not least, if still you are not able to logged the BE90 time as SIC but you have the chance to upgrade at some time soon, you may want to take a close look to the offer. At least you will get exposed on how to work on a two pilot crew and practice your CRM.

Does are my 2 cents, hope it helps.
Thanks for replying, I appreciate all of your comments.
However, I don't think I explained it all the way. I currently have a CFI/CFII/MEI job which includes a couple of hours a month of multi time. I REALLY like to instruct, but the pay is barely enough to cover rent, groceries, and utilities (That's why I don't like it). I have an opportunity to either demo/deliver Cirrus aircraft, or fly SIC in a C90 at a Pt. 135 operation.
The question is, should I SLOWLY rack the PIC twin at my current job, rack SIC C90 at a charter company, or rack PIC single as a Demo/delivery pilot.
Thank you all again for your imput. I really do appreciate it. I just don't want to get too ambitious on my decision.
How many hours per month will you fly in the KingAir? Is it 135?

If it's not a full time gig, will you be able to instruct on your off days?

The demo/delivery job may be fun, but it wouldn't be a step towards the regionals in the current hiring environment.

If the KingAir is a 135 operation, I'd go for that, with an eye towards getting in the left seat as soon as you can, and possibly using the experience to get a B1900 job.

As soon as you hit the mins, apply to every regional that's hiring. You may not be competitive, but you can't win if you don't play.

Best of luck.
Try to get the Check Airman at the 135 company to give you an 8410 in the King Air. He can make it for SIC only and /or VFR PIC. This way, you can log VFR flight as PIC, and SIC legally in a single pilot aircraft.

To do this the company will have to have an approved SIC training program in its op specs. Most do. good luck, take the king air job.
Take the C-90 job would be my suggestion. If you can get the Check Airman to give you an SIC ride, you can log the SIC time. Most operators will let FOs fly the dead (91) legs, and this you can log as PIC (sole manipulator) since it isn't Part 135. In any case, this will give you turbine flight experience, in a crew environment, which is valuable.

The demo pilot job would be fun, but wouldn't offer a stitch of multi time, so I'd be inclined to pass.

Best of luck ...

Absolutely positively a no brainer whatsoever- Take the King Air position since the demo gig will not further or better your credentials at all. MEI time is nice BUT it is not a "crew" environment nor is it going to stand up against "turbine" time atleast not in the eyes of flight departments. You will have enough 91 <empty> legs to put PIC time into your logbook so I would not worry about SIC time in an aircraft type certificated for single pilot operations.

T U R B I N E time is NOT as easy to come by as MEI time-

3 5 0 :D :p :p

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