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Is it all worth it?

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Jan 23, 2002
Been pondering the idea of going thru the whole process to be considered for a Regional. Goal is possible for me in two or so years for me. Some real generic questions?

Given the cost of training is it really worth it, say five years down the line and sitting in the left seat of a worthwhile regional? Don't get me wrong, I am crazy about flying - just what your opinions.

Lifestyle - How tough is it to maintain some type of normal life working for a regional? Kids and a wife working and such?

Let me know your thoughts and thanks.
Is it worth it? In a word yes, IF your passion is flying. I can't comment on any other perspectives because I don't understand people that don't love to fly. We get paid to do this? YGTBSM!

Live at your base if you can, commuting sucks! I live in FLL and my base is DAY, I pretty much spend almost 12 hours a week just going to and from work. I don't have kids but I do live with my girlfriend and shes just about had it since I'm only home about 12 days a month. I'm sure if I had a wife and kid they'd be gone by now. I can't figure out how to get ride of the girlfriend though. Shes a blood sucker. Those at my company doing the whole family thing though pretty much live at their base and seem happy so I quess you can do it.

The actual flying and working for a regional is pretty easy and fun with the right crew. The only thing I really hate is the starting pay which gets better with time and seeing the same freaking airports. I really do miss going to different places like I did in charter flying.

But for the most part I have'nt really been 100% happy at every company I've worked for but could'nt imagine doin anything else. I say its worth it if its what you love to do.

Good Luck
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Mustang - now might be just the time to start. Aircraft are available, heck the cost of block time might be fairly negotiable in the current market.

The malaise in the industry is only temporary. Retirements at the majors, with the lack of military applicants, will pull pilots from the small jet operators. My advice is to train while the job market stinks and be the first to be hired when the market recovers.

Many folks are giving up because the market looks bad. They will decide to invest in their training when the market looks better and miss half the emplyment opportunities due to their late start.

As you know, everything in aviation is based on seniority. If you get hired on the leading edge of expansion you can have a much better career, pay and quality of life. So use this break to prepare yourself for the next opportunity. The opportunity will come to those who are ready.

As far as the quality of life at a "regional" it is not bad. Sure, you don't have any money, but you will have more time with your family (hobbies - whatever) than most folks with an office job. The second year pay is liveable - around $40K with per diem. Besides it is a lot of fun and if you don't have fun on the way to your goals in life you are missing a lot.
You have to really want it. If you dont, and dont have the dedication to succeed, then you probably wont make it. As far as a home life, you can have as much or as little of a home life as you want. Just remember the more home life you have the longer it is going to take to get to where you want to go. Be prepared to move, be prepared for long days, be prepared for poor pay. But, this is the best job in the world and it will be as much or as little as you want it to be. Whatever you do dont do this for the money, do it because you love to fly. If you can maintain that attitude you will be fine. GO FOR IT!
All i can say is that you have to really love flying if you want to do this. If you dont, youre going to end up like alot of the people in here, b*tchin and complaining about every little thing. Yeah things can suck to a point sometimes, but when youre up in the sky with turbine engines behind you and the altimeter says 18000 or more, its all worth it. Like be99fr8dog said, the pay isnt great, you gotta be on the move, but its great to fly.

Good luck!

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