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Is Holly Hegemann still writing?

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Smells like....
Mar 7, 2002
I tried to access planebusiness.com recently but it wouldn't load. Is she still writing her column?

Writing????? Is that what she calls that?
Yes, she's still writing. Its subscription-only, no freebies. She's had server problems two out of the last three weeks and has posted the column on an alternate site. If you are a subscriber you should have received an e-mail giving you the temporary web address.
I can't believe that several years ago I was dumb enough to subscribe to her newsletter. Any two year old could have written what she did, it was just stuff like "David Neeleman and Herb Kelleher good, Bill Franke Bad."

Of course her pal EE does pretty good for herself these days with million dollar stock options for running the slide projector and writing cute snippets in company drivel letters.
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